What We Do

We specialize in engineering and maintaining web platforms.
Among other things.

In today’s business landscape, companies need to adapt to the technological landscape to stay competitive.

Arm yourself with I.T. – the right way; and increase your business’ performance.


An app that vastly increases the efficiency of teacher-parent communication. While also providing effective analytics to improve your services.

Work Tracker

This is for the entrepreneurs who need to have a customised system to track the work of employees, and be on top of the performance without breaking a sweat.

Who we are

zynch Solutions is run by tech heads with a passion for business and a penchant for creative genius.

We aim to impress – by working to understand your needs well before we sit down to paint a masterpiece.

What you need comes first. What is needed comes second.

We have worked alongside teams who have succeeded together for years. 

Delivering with a ‘WOW’ is not a goal, it’s a hobby.

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What DO people say?


The Joyce Connect App that zynch developed for us has an extremely user-friendly interface. Our team of educators seamlessly took to using it as their primary means of communication.



The system of tracking and management of jobs were done manually with pen and paper, till the platform was developed that made it much easier to track jobs and keep an eye on them.



The existing online presence at LKSim was upgraded both in content quality and presence by upgrading the website and setting up proper social channels.


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